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Bruce's knowledge of wise financial planning is evident in his desire to help clients understand all aspects of this process. He explains the importance of having a "plan" which will be the most beneficial to you in your individual situation.

Sandy, Burlington - North Carolina

“After going through a difficult divorce, Bruce helped me set up my monthly budget and encouraged me as I applied it. He has provided much needed accountability in those areas where I struggle. He also guided me with my planning for my future by helping me understand terminology when I had no clue what it was saying and gave guidance as I sought to make retirement contribution decisions."

Michelle, Columbia - Missouri


"Through Bruce’s help and advice, I was able to reduce my mortgage from a 30 year to a 15 year fixed, and nearly cut my interest rate in half. I will now be able to pay my house off earlier than I ever could have imagined!"

Randy, Whitsett - North Carolina

"I've known Bruce for over 30 years and have found that he is an expert in a wide variety of money matters. He is a caring, positive financial coach. His coaching has put me on the right road to financial success and security. Call Bruce today, you'll be glad you did!"

Stuart, Boone - North Carolina

God spoke “Debt Freedom” to me two years ago. I really didn’t see it, nor did I did I believe it. I wanted it but I didn’t see myself anywhere other than where I was. But God!  God allowed a conversation and a phone call to take me down a path that produced immediate results. Bruce shared a book, his wisdom, his journey (challenges and victories), and encouragement which helped to start and keeps me motivated on my way to financial freedom. God’s plan for my financial transformation led me to Bruce.

Sharon, Burlington - North Carolina

"With the heart of a teacher and the compassion of a counselor, Bruce has lived out the financial principles he shares and teaches. Not in just what he has read, but in what he has lived." 

Paul, Mebane - North Carolina

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