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Yes, I'm Passionate About Inspiring Others

Most of my adult life has been dedicated to inspiring others. It's been quite a privilege and joy to do so. Perhaps the greatest has been journeying with my wife of more than 4 decades and encouraging her as we've walked through some of life's most difficult challenges. We've learned so much. Throughout history the older generations have always reached back to teach, guide and encourage the next in the process of life. This is my mission. To reach back. To pass on to you what we've seen, learned and experienced. 

Thus our purpose in establishing CONQUEST FINANCIAL COACHING. No matter what your age, your income or your financial struggle, we have the training, experience and resources that can help. The process consists of multiple steps for us to help you achieve your own personal conquest.


EVAULATION... we talk and we listen so we can understand you, your marriage and your family's needs and desires. It is all pertinent to the overall plan!

ASSESSMENT... we speak candidly and honestly about your personal situation. We are not judgmental or critical but as a teacher and coach we look for strengths and weaknesses. 

DEVELOPMENT... we make a plan, together, to help you accomplish your goals. As the plan is implemented, we monitor, adjust and accelerate as you move forward and gain traction.

CELEBRATION.. yes, you read it correctly. We celebrate your successes, each and every one. And we also navigate through the obstacles that try to derail you. 

Are you looking for a change? Ready for a new direction in your financial planning? Contact us and let us set up a free Initial Consultation to see if we can inspire you in your own personal journey to the top of your mountain!




  • Ramsey Solutions FPU Co-Ordinator

  • Ramsey Solutions Master Coach

  • Ramsey Solutions Preferred Coach.

  • 45 years as a husband.

  • In excess of 40 years as a father.

  • In excess of 16 years as a grandfather.

  • Over 40 years as a life coach to teens and adults

  • Over 40 years as a Biblical & Financial Counselor to all ages

  • A Decade in Manufacturering Industry as Troubleshooter, Management and Supervision.

  • 34 years in Pastoral Ministry working with hundreds of individuals, couples and families. Managing and guiding budgets in excess of 300k. Walking individuals and families though myriads of financial issues. 

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